Inner Musician

  • What is Inner Musician?

    Piano improvisation is for everyone, not just the gifted few. Inner Musician is a series of improvisation-based piano programs that invites you to sit at the piano and play your own music, right in the moment!! Students are immersed in a storybook world learning to play their own musical interpretation on the piano, while building key music foundations.

  • Common Questions

    At what age can my child enroll?

    Play-a-Story is for students of all ages starting from a young age of 4.

    Do we have to form our own groups?

    You may form your own group if you’d like, or we can put you in a group if one is available.

    How does this work with the Simply Music method?

    The two methods complement each other very well. We begin our students with Inner Musician to allow them to get comfortable with the tools we use and also to learn to express themselves musically and freely. Through this process, the students have already begun to learn about the foundations of music. Once the student has reached a level of comfort, we begin with Simply Music to further develop the musical foundations and skills in their music education.

    Why begin so early with improvisation and not songs they know?

    When you think about it, the language we use every day is improvisation. We are constantly, naturally and effortlessly combining words and grammar in new ways that are completely spontaneous. What better way to have young children develop a comfortable relationship with music than to give them a simple framework and let them freely explore their musical imagination? They will be more likely to experience music as an extension of themselves and remain in touch with their creativity even after learning the ‘rules’.